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The Raw Meat (Charolais Organic)

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The cold mezze 

Homos Al ajami

Chickpeas mousse with sesame oil and lemon

Homos Moutamam

Chickpeas mousse, parsley, broad beans and spices


Eggplant mousse with sesame oil and lemon

Warak énab b’zeit

Vine leaves stuffed with perfumed rice

Bamieh b’zet ou Loubieh b’zet

Ratatouille with gombos


Ratatouille with eggplant and chickpeas


Mashed yellow lentils mixed with Olive oil


Oriental caviar served with olive oil and minced garlic

The salads –

The salads


Parsley salad, tomatoes, crushed wheat and onions, with olive oil and lemon


Mixed salad with toasted bread seasoned with red thyme, olive oil and pomegranate molasses

Salade libanaise

Tomatoes, cucumbers, laituce seasoned with lemon juice and olive oil

Salatet el Raheb

Eggplant salad with tomatoes and green onions with lemon juice and olive oil

Rocca and sariette

The Raw Meat

Kebbeh Nayeh

Raw beef Organic with crushed wheat

Kafta Nayeh

Raw beef Organic with parsley and onions

Habra Nayeh

Plain raw beef Organic served and onions

Kebbeh Jnoubiée

Plain raw beef Organic served garlic cream

The warm mezze –

The warm mezze

Foul Moudamas

Broad beans with garlic, lemon and olive oil

Balila Homos

Warm chick peas salad seasoned with cumin and olive oil

Fattet Homos

Warm chick peas salad with yogurt and fried pine kernels

Homos Snoubar

Chick peas mousse served with fried pine kernels


Lebanese pizza with cheese and green thyme


A panful of chicken liver organic


Roasted chicken wings coriander and garlic Organic


Grilled lebanese bread with minced suckling veal and parsley

Makanek Al-Ajami

A panful of small Lebanese lamb sausage

Homos Awarma

Chick peas mousse served with confit of lamb

Bed b’Awarma

Fried eggs served with confit of lamb

The doughs


Fried doughs stuffed with spinach and oignons


Fried cheese rolls seasoned with herbs

Samboussik Jebneh

Fried doughs stuffed with cheese seasoned white three pepers


Fried vegetale doughs served with sesame cream

Samboussik Lahmeh

Fried doughs stuffed with minced suckling veal and onions

Kebbeh Hamis

Fried lamb croquettes served with onions jam

Crispy Shrimps

The meat and fishes


Meat tartare brochettes with suckling veal from Limousin seasoned with parsley, onions and pepper grilled on barbecue


The grilled trio : “Chawarma, Kafta, Taouk”

Grilled Lamb Chops

Grilled on barbecue, seasoned with green thyme

Dajaj Moussahab

Organic farmer chicken supreme seasoned with green thyme

Jat Al-Ajami

A mixed of chawarma, Taouk, Kebab and Kafta

Gambas provencal style

Lokos Bil Fourn

Seaban at Al-Ajami style

The house spacial

Chawarma Al -Ajami

Marinated beef Black Angus roasted on the meat skewer

Kebab Al-Ajami

Suckiling mamb from l'Aveyron brochettes marinated and grilled on barbecue

Taouk Al-Ajami

Marinated chicken "brochettes" at Al-Ajami style

The Cheeses –

The Cheeses


Creamy white cheese, served with olive oil and green thyme

Laban et concombres

Yogurt and small cucumbers


Cheese salad with thyme

Halloum Mêkle

Fried sheep cheese with sesam grains

Chiche Halloum

Grilled sheep cheese seasoned with green thyme

The delight –

The delight

Glaces et sorbets maison

Halib (milk), foustok (pistachios), strawberry, mango, lemon, fruit of passion


Lebanese pudding with ashta and pistachios


Lebanese pancakes with ashta* and ater* and blosom flowers


Lebanese pastries


Stuffed cakes with pistachios and cream

Bouzet el Mouallem ( « Al-Ajami » ice cream style)

Milk ice cream, ashta*, honey, banana, cream, pistachios and almonds

Halawet el Jebn

Sweet cheese with ashta* and ater** and blosom flowers


Lebanese semoule delights, served with asha*, rose flower, fried pine kernels and almonds

Kashta Aassal

Ashta* with crystallized dates with ater, seasonned with cinnamon and cardamon

Kashta b‘ balah

Ashta* with crystallized dates with ater, seasonned with cinnamon and cardamon

Layali Loubnan

Mouhalabieh, ashta*, honey, banana, pistachios and almonds


Crunchy pastry with ashta* and ater**

Assortments of lebanese delights

* Ashta: milk cream ** Ater : orange flower flavoured sugar sirop

Daily specials


Stewed Greek horns and suckling lamb, with coriander and tomato, served with Basmati rice

Vegetable and seasoned suckling lamb stew with Basmati rice


Kebbeh Laban
Blanquette of Kebbeh with yogurt and fresh coriander and Basmati rice

Kafta be batata
Baked parsley kafta tartare, seasoned, accompanied by tomatoes, potatoes and tomato sauce.


Lebanese couscous with suckling lamb and chicken, flavored with cumin and caravi

Mehchi Malfouf
Cabbage leaves stuffed with suckling lamb seasoned with mint and served with Basmati rice


Kebbeh Laban*
Blanquette of Kebbeh with yogurt, fresh coriander and Basmati rice

Cheikh El Mehché*
Roasted half eggplants, stuffed with milk-fed veal and seasoned onions

*subject to availability


Cod seasoned with cumin and caraway served with basmati rice and fried onion

Koussa B’Laban
Small Lebanese zucchini stuffed with milk-fed veal and flavored rice, served with a warm velouté of yogurt and mint


Kebbeh be Seniyeh
Cracked wheat lamb pie, stuffed with pan-fried lamb, onions and pine nuts

Daoud Bacha
Milk-fed veal tartare with parsley, onions in tomato sauce, Basmati rice and pine nuts


Mouloukieh Al-Ajami (Spécialité)
Pot au feu of mouloukieh, vegetable corete and coriander, accompanied by suckling lamb, chicken breast and Basmati rice

Kharouf Mehshi
Oriental-style stuffed suckling lamb, served with Basmati rice

Dajaj Mehshi
Oriental stuffed chicken, served with Basmati rice


Al Ajami is not just a culinary story rich in heritage and inventiveness, it is also an unprecedented environmental commitment in the world of Lebanese gastronomy.

Indeed, all our meats are selected from organic farming and respectful of animal welfare, when our vegetables do not come from further than Europe. Our traditional recipes, of which we have the secret, are thus for the most part certified by the Less Saves the Planet label, because eco-responsibility is one of our priorities. The Less Saves the Planet label aims to help the world of haute cuisine to take eco-responsible measures while leaving chefs the freedom and creativity necessary to exercise their art, and this through membership. to a charter that you will soon be able to find on our tables.

The first restaurant to be labeled in this way, Al Ajami is therefore proof that combining haute cuisine and preservation is possible, and above all that it is a goal to strive for. Having the greatest number of our dishes and menus labeled Less Saves the Planet is on the same level as the quality of our service to you, so “let’s learn to eat better to save the environment!” “.

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