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Our history

Welcome to Al Ajami

At Al-Ajami, we offer traditional Lebanese cuisine, full of creativity and originality.

This culinary know-how handed down from father to son since 1920, has earned us the Gold Medal of Merit. Born in Beirut, this vocation has never wavered since, and it has since spread to the City of Light with this restaurant with a unique heritage. We continue with passion our mission as ambassador of Lebanese cuisine, inviting you to savour the enchanting delights of the mythical Orient.

Here is a traditional Lebanese cuisine, full of creativity and originality that we propose you to discover. You will share with us 100 years of experience and dedication, which have made our restaurant one of the most prestigious Lebanese institutions in the world.

All our original recipes are prepared with top quality ingredients: Milk lamb from Aveyron for the Chiche Kebab, milk calf from Limousin for the Kafta, Black Angus for the Chawarma, organic farm chicken for the Chiche Taouk Bio, and organic Charolais for our tartares. Tomatoes in clusters from Italy, aubergines from Holland, lemons from Spain, cucumbers and zucchini from Lebanon. Fine gourmets will recognize the delicacy of Hommos, the perfect balance of Chawarma spices or the inimitable taste of Mouloukhia.

The traditional recipes that Al Ajami has the secret of are also mostly certified by the label Less Saves the Planet to guarantee the possible alliance between excellence and eco-responsibility. Ajami is committed to guaranteeing its customers the preparation of organic, ethical, concerned about the planet and animal welfare in order to offer a quality service on all lines.

Our menus

Lunchtime only – Every day except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays


The Levant menu

The Ajami Rainbow or The vegetarian Rainbow

Lebanese pastries or Ice cream


Beirut menu

Variety of Hommos, Moutabal et Tabbouleh

Chawarma Al Ajami or Kafta brochettes  or Taouk brochettes de  or The daily dish

Ice cream or Lebanese pastries or Mouhalabieh

38€ / pers

Discovery menus

For 2 persons minimum (9 varieties)
Parfum d’Orient 74€
L’Orient végétarien 72€

Pour 3 personnes et plus (12 variétés et plus)
Mille et une nuits 38€/pers


Tasting menu

Assortment of four orient “niceties” :
“Les incontournables”

Range of 6 warned pasties
“Un grand irrésistible”

Brochettes grilled on barbecue
(chawarma, kafta et taouk)
Farandole of desserts “Al-Ajami”

Al Ajami is not just a culinary story rich in heritage and inventiveness, it is also an unprecedented environmental commitment in the world of Lebanese gastronomy.

Indeed, all our meats are selected from organic farming and respectful of animal welfare, when our vegetables do not come from further than Europe. Our traditional recipes, of which we have the secret, are thus for the most part certified by the Less Saves the Planet label, because eco-responsibility is one of our priorities. The Less Saves the Planet label aims to help the world of haute cuisine to take eco-responsible measures while leaving chefs the freedom and creativity necessary to exercise their art, and this through membership. to a charter that you will soon be able to find on our tables.

The first restaurant to be labeled in this way, Al Ajami is therefore proof that combining haute cuisine and preservation is possible, and above all that it is a goal to strive for. Having the greatest number of our dishes and menus labeled Less Saves the Planet is on the same level as the quality of our service to you, so "let's learn to eat better to save the environment!" ".

Your opinions

What our clients say about us

“A renouveler les yeux fermés.”

“Excellent, repas divin le meilleur libanais que j’ai jamais mangé.”

Alex Dumas

“Un repas délicieux et très copieux.”

“Une soirée entre filles réussie grâce à la gentillesse du personnel.” KATLEEN VEYRET

“Excellent repas.”

“On s’est régalé. Merci pour le bel accueil.” Yamna Cherifi

“Sans doute le meilleur restaurant libanais de Paris.”

“Tous les plats sont de véritables délices. Je retrouve enfin dans ce restaurant les véritables saveurs que j’ai eu l’occasion de goûter au Liban.”

Ramzi Ghorayeb

Business hours

Monday - Friday
12:00 – 23:00

12:00 – 23:00

12:00 - 23:00

Our adress

58, rue François 1er (corner 1, rue de Lincoln)
75008 Paris

Phone. : +33(0)1 42 25 38 44
Email : ajami@live.fr